Bearville Causes And Special Walks

11 May

Hello everyone!! From time to time, I will be doing special walks for special causes. I wont be doing paticulaur walks at paticulaur times and days. I will just be doing walks whenever I am online and lots of my friends are online. Feel free to add me through bearmail to join in some of my walks, But please tell me by commenting below what your build a bearville name is so if I get bearmail I know its from you. As I was saying, I will be doing walks for different causes. So, One walk could be based on Cancer.  We will usually walk round the whole build-a-bearville, But sometimes the paths may vary. When the walk finishes, You will all be asked if you want bearbills or an item, and I will give it to you FREE through a trade. Today I held a walk for dogs who aren’t feeling very well and need to be put down. I thought it was very sad having to get my pet dog put down at the vets, So I hosted this walk since I know I am not the only one in Build-a-bearville who is sad about their pets. Even if your pet hasnt been ill, you can still join in any walk.

                                    Thanks for reading, Love, Hugs, Peace, AlfieBravexxx


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