Awesome Football Move!!

17 May


Ok guys, so people around town have been asking me where I have got this move, and I am here to tell you!! Ok, so my uncle went to build a bear about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and he got this free football leaflet when he shopped. I put the leaflet  in my drawer. and a week later, I was looking through my drawers and found it. I looked on the back of the leaflet, and there just happened to be a code! Here is what the booklet looks like:


I dont know if the booklet is still available in build a bear workshop now, but you can try and see. If you do get the booklet, look on the back and at the bottom there should be a code for Bearville, Please dont try entering this code, since it is already used and you will be wasting your time :/


                                                           Love, Hugs, Peace, AlfieBrave xxx 😀


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