Very Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad News (Must Read)

28 Jun

Ok guys, You probabally noticed I wasn’t at my BABV Birthday Party… Well, 2 things I have to say:

1. I forgot. :/

2. I got banned!! (Read Below For More Info On This Situation)

Ok, Yes, I got banned.. I know 😦 I dont know how!! They just sent me this really formal email saying  im banned!! But I wont take there rubbish!! Im just  not going to go on BABV again then!! Its not my problem, its theirs!! those gurny brats!! They have issues to sort out!! I havent done anything bad!! I mean it!! Im so gutted!! 😦 Seriously, I know there is little kids like 8 years old playing on BABV, But it dosent mean you have to go and ban people for no reason!! I liked BABV, and I liked to email them, be nice, help out in the community, but now they have banned me. So, im like, Fine, be like that!! But have you realised how much damage you have done to my life?? I have a youtube account, a blog, friends I like to keep in touch with through BABV… A BIRTHDAY PARTY I HAVE MISSED!! And if your going to ban me, I’ll just not go on again and see how you’d like it!! AlfieBrave, gone forever, huh??Im a Jr Cybearguide, and most improtantly, I buy lots of your bears and make you loads of  money!! How you gonna feel if I dont buy any more of your rubbish?! (Sorry bears in BABW stores I dont mean it, Im just mad) How you gonna feel with your little money maker gone?? Huh?! See how you like it!! :/ Ha! I gonna email them and give them my all!! Cause thats just the kinda girl I am! Uh-huh!! Yup, thats me 😉



    P.S I emailed them, didnt make any difference, though… 😦


One Response to “Very Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad News (Must Read)”

  1. Sarah July 1, 2010 at 6:45 am #

    Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

    Thanks to Shades of Sarah ( a favourite blog of mine 🙂 ) I discovered a fun little blog post type thing, so I figured I’d give it a try!

    So, I’m supposed to describe where I’ll be in ten years, and then pass it on to ten other bloggers. 🙂 Here it goes!

    1: 10 years from now, I’ll be celebrating because “wotcher” will be in our dictionary.

    I will finally have the courage to write Johnny Depp.

    I’ll be…… I really don’t know. Hopefully something to do with movies (maybe part of the MPAA, or a Yahoo! critic). Or I could be a book editor/reviewer (the ones that tell you what age group a certain book should be). Or I’ll be an author. Or I’ll have a normal desk job and relieve my stress by blogging…

    2: Wow guys, it’s really hard to chose!!! I’m just going to pick from my blog roll first, and then see what HP sites I like:

    Zach, from The Auto Geek (

    Shae, from Titleless (

    Jenny, from Titeless (

    Pinkpuff, from Titleless (

    Brown, from Club Penguin Peep (

    Noah, from Club Penguin Info With Noah (

    Mike, from the Pirates of the Caribbean blog (

    Hayden, from Baseballkids (

    AlfieBrave, from the Bearilliant Blog (

    Max, from Pengoie1 (

    Even if you aren’t on the list, go ahead and participate anyways

    But, there’s a catch.


    Have fun! Remember to pass the fun to at least ten other people!

    Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!

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