Its Too Much To Take In!!

3 Jul

Hey guys!! If you have been on build a bearville lately, you would of noticed all of the summer fun stuff going on, like, The 2010 Summer Camp, The new ice  cream parlor, and the new chloe show!! Wow!! Thats alot to take in all at once, isnt it?! It just cant get any better than this!! Ok, first of all, we will start of with the summer camp!!

Gathering Around The Campfire At The Waterfall Mountain

The New Camp Game, Build-a-story fun!!

The Floating Cabin!!

The New Jump Rope Game

Inside The Floating Cabin

The Friendship Forest Entrance

What do you think?! The camp looks awesome, huh?! I also got some photos of the new ice cream parlor in bearywood mall, here, take a look:

Entrance To The New Ice Cream Parlor In BearyWood Mall

New Ice Cream Bear Ride (Picture Number 1)

New Ice Cream Bear Ride  (Picture Number 2)

Inside The Ice Cream Parlor

Ordering From The Ice Cream Parlor Menu

What do you think?? I would definetly get an ice cream from here if I wanted one!! Okay, these are the last photos of the new chloe show!!

Chloe Show Banner In Town Square

Watching The Chloe Show

The Free “Tennis Move” From Chloe Show

  Wow!! The New chloe show looks good!!

       Enjoy your summer

     Love, Hugs, Peace, AlfieBrave xx 😀


One Response to “Its Too Much To Take In!!”

  1. Abbe2Hip55432/ Elodi August 16, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    when i saw the girl with the ice scream ride at first with bunny glasses i thought that was your online character. LOL

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