New Fun Stuff Coming Up In Bearville!!

17 Aug

Hey guys!!

Check the card page of your inventory…

Notice the new Playground Fun card collection!!

You can now collect these cards in the furtastic fountain and in trades.

Cool, Huh?? For a pic of this cool collection, look below.

As you can see in the picture, I am  nowhere near getting my Playground Collection finished!! 😦

Anyway, Moving on.

If you visit the town today, You will see a brand new poster hanging right above the Bear Stuff store.

Look at all the sanario characters on it!! So cute!! Do you think this means theres gonna be a sanario party at the carnival? I don’t know about you, But thats what I think!! I am kinda excited considering its in 3 days. 🙂

Oh well, at least it will kick some fun into that old, unused carnival. The only time they use it is when theres a carnival, obvisouly. and some people pass through it at halloween while going to visit the haunted house. Sometimes, but very rarely, people pass through it to go to the Zoo… But it is a long journey so I would just take the boat to get to the Zoo.

So, what do you think?? If you have already got that playground collection.. I will be thinking of you.. Going down that slide.. Grrr..

LOL! You can visit the sanario fun at the carnival, August 20th.

Love and bear hugs, AlfieBrave xx 😉


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