News, News… AND MORE NEWS!!!

2 Sep

Hey everyone!!

On buid a bearville, there is ALOT of stuff going on.

First of all, there is a new Chloe Show!! In this show, Chloe interviews Jake, Who is an interviewer in the  disney programe, Celebrity Take. Here is some pictures I took of the show:

Cool, huh??

Also, there is new MINI versions of the build a bears, Called “Smallfrys”  Take a look at this picture:

Isn’t that PAWSOME?!

And, In other news,

There is a beariffic new shop opened in the Bearywood Mall. And guess what?! AbbeBright  owns the store!! 😀 It’s called the Art Studio, and its a bit like the old furniture store, But even better!! You can now make necklaces, Statues (New ones), And much, much more!!

Its sooo cool!! You need to check it out!! 🙂

                                                   I hope you enjoyed reading this post!!

                                                 Love and bear hugs, AlfieBrave xx 🙂



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