LyndiLoveable2 Joins The Crew!!

18 Oct

Hey everyone,

You may be thinking, “Why are you posting a blog, if you said you were quitting?!”

Well.. IM BACK!! 😀

I decided that Bearville is where my friends are, and I cant just leave them!! I need to keep in touch, because I always wonder how there doing, and what their doing at that moment…

Well anyways, I’m back.. Do I need to say it again? No?? Okay thats great lol!!

Anyway, I have more great news!!

My bestest friend, LyndiLoveable2, has just opened her own blog 2 days ago, and has proved highly successful so far!! And she has kindly decided to be a contributor to this blog, too!! (Which means she will be writing posts about BABV, as well as me. :D)Her blog is mega fun, (It’s also a BABV blog) and has polls, surverys, and much more!!

If you want to visit LyndiLoveable2’s NEW pawsome blog, Visit:

Please tell your friends about her blog, too!!

And guess what? I will also be working on her blog, as a contributor and advertiser. (Which means I will be writing posts on her blog, Plus advertising it around the web.)

                  Any questions? Just ask me!! Please comment below and have your own say!!

(And don’t worry, LyndiLoveable2 is really nice, she wont bite LOL!! :D)

                            Lots of love, AlfieBrave xx 😀


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