Information About The U.S Bank Of Bearville!!

20 Oct


The U.S bank of Bearville is the new bank in BABV.  (Well, its not really that new, I am a bit late on the post.. :S I will be quicker next time, I promise!!)

You can put money into the bank, For example I put 5,ooo bear bills into the bank, And clicked on the 14 day certificate. After 14 days, By untouching the money, I would get a bearmail message looking like this saying I earned an extra 2,000 bear bills by untouching the money I put in for 14 days.. Make sense?

But the same wouldnt happen if you only put 500 bear bills in, or chose a different day cirtificate. You would get less money than you would if you put  5,000 bear bills in.. (Are you understanding this ?)

Well, if your not understanding what I am saying, Just go to the U.S Bank of bearville, And put as much money as you want to put in!! Remember, its all your choice!! But, if you want to get an extra 2,00o bearbills, Keep 5,000 bearbills in the bank and click the 14 day certificate. Then keep your 5,000 bearbills in the bank for 14 days, and WHAZZZZZOOOM!! You should recieve a bearmail message like I did!! (Shown in the picture above..)

                                                                     I hope this will help!!

                                                       Love and bear hugs, AlfieBrave xx 🙂


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