My Last Post

7 Jan

Hey Bearville Lovers!

This is Alfie. And this is my last post 😦

I am quitting Bearville, please don’t ask why. I just feel bored of it now, so that means I am stopping TheBuildABearvilleShow too. 😦

I will miss all you guys, thanks for the great support. This has been the most populaur website I have ever made, all thanks to you.

I am NOT deleting the blog, so you can still view posts and other useful info on the site.

I am actually holding a competition right now, and whoever wins will get to own the blog! If you are interested, visit the “YOU COULD OWN BEARILLIANT BLOG” page at the top of the site.

All posts made after this one will either be made by my good friend, LyndiLoveable2 or the competition winner.

As I said before guys, I would never have got this far without your support!

~ Goodbye ~

Alfie 🙂 xxxx


One Response to “My Last Post”

  1. sanriosweetie January 9, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    Amzy Pops, we all love this site to bits and we really appreciate everything you have done on it! You have helped many people on BABV so you should look through this blog and be really proud. What is it, 30 something thousand hits? That’s pretty good, Amz and you know it!! Well done AlfieBrave and we’ll miss you posting! All the best to the new admin who will be appointed soon! And I think everyone will agree that this is definitely one of the best BABV blogs and we’re glad it will continue! Do you mind if I add a new page? Called ‘The Bearilliant History’ and you will be remembered as one ofthe best bloggers. Haha, the way I’ve been writing this comment, people will be expecting me to add ‘deepest sympathies’ to the end!! Really what I’m to say is that we all love this blog and will miss you!

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